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Pictured: Hungary’s Budapest When I first started traveling, one of my first mistakes was to do so much during the day that I was always exhausted by dinnertime. I would sleep on the couch and retire early after dinner…. However, oh, how this has evolved! The evenings are often when the best experiences begin, and this is often when the city you are visiting really comes to life.

Pictured: Bled Lake in Slovenia Another early slip-up I was at real fault for was to design every day like I was on a severe military timetable. I quickly realized that going with the flow and accepting the feeling of being lost was the best way to experience each location.

Pictured: Czech Republic’s Prague At times the most effective way to feel roused by a spot you are visiting is to check the skyline or scene for the varieties. You allow yourself to embrace the more positive aspects of life when you begin to see the colors.