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A wine tasting venue in the French town of Beaune. Even though I don’t usually drink a lot, I decided to spend the whole day in the French countryside tasting wines. The outcomes were: crashing my bike for absence of co-appointment, becoming familiar with the wine-production cycle, and visiting amazing estates.

Netherlands, Amsterdam. When I took this picture in Amsterdam, a lot of people were watching and laughing as I set up a tripod, put my camera on self-timer, and ran into the frame twelve times before I got a good picture. Who will be laughing at the end of the day when you have a wonderful memory to look back on that would never have been shared with the world and would have only been seen by me?

Czech Republic’s Cesky Krumlov. On my first trip to Europe, I went to Paris, Rome, and Kiev, and I promised myself that I would never go to big cities again because, after a while, they all start to feel the same. If you’re brave, go off the beaten path to find hidden treasures.