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Belgium’s Ghent. I decided not to go to Belgium after asking a few friends who had traveled extensively throughout Europe if I should go there and hearing that it was a boring country. The following visit to Europe I concluded that I actually needed to see the nation so I proceeded to see with my own eyes — the proof is in the pudding.

England’s London I didn’t fall in love with London when I first visited. Subsequent to let individuals know that I wasn’t attached to the city and seeing their staggered responses, I chose to allow it another opportunity. I stayed in different areas on my second and third trips to the city and discovered that it wasn’t London; rather, it was where I was staying when I first went there. I am now in awe of the location!

Netherlands, Amsterdam. Try going back to a location you like to photograph at a different time of day to see how this affects your image. I went back to this bridge at sunset and got a much better picture later that day.