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Juices in Spain’s Barcelona. If it is unique to a particular nation or different from anything you have previously experienced, you should try everything, from food to experiences. The more bizarre, the better—that’s how you’ll remember it!

Germany’s Berlin Learning the set of experiences behind a nation or city you are visiting will without a doubt enhance your experience there. Berlin, Krakow, Kiev, and St. Petersburg are my personal favorites for engaging my history nerd (I can guarantee that I am a huge history nerd).

Italy. I quit any pretense of buying keepsakes quite some time ago… it was a characteristic development given the assortment of snowballs in front of me was spilling over. Now, I buy things I know I will keep if I like a city enough. My Venetian hat, which I bought on a scorching spring day in the city of canals, can be seen in this picture.