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Traveling is incredibly exciting, but if we return to our regular routines, it can still become dull. Try something new on your next trip, play a new sport, or talk to strangers. You never know what you might learn, whether it’s new perspectives or lifelong friendships. However, one thing is certain: You’ll be much richer when you get back.

Numerous studies demonstrate that travel trends have significantly changed over the past few years, particularly since the pandemic. For instance, according to TripAdvisor’s Travel in 2022 Report, approximately three-quarters of travelers are willing to visit brand-new locations, with priorities such as having brand-new experiences and learning about history and culture not far behind.

Nine out of ten respondents to the Razorfish study believe that the most valuable keepsake from a trip is a story to tell about it. Seventy-nine percent also believe that traveling is more about how you grow as a person as a result of the journey than about getting to a new location. In addition, half of Gen Z respondents stated that when traveling, they are looking for adventure and a sense of risk.