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It even got a name from Expedia. They referred to 2022 as the “Greatest of All Trips” (GOAT) mentality year. According to the findings of their study, 23% of travelers seek out unusual experiences and destinations, 31% yearn for local delicacies, and 40% dream of trying new food.

In conclusion, we are able to state that today’s tourists do not want to spend their vacation hopping on and off a sightseeing bus on a packaged group tour or lounging around the pool with a cocktail at an all-inclusive hotel without ever leaving the premises (although, let’s be honest, some still do).

Many vacationers are looking for excitement, cultural immersion, and brand-new experiences rather than the flight-and-flop approach. It goes without saying that the travel industry needs to keep up with customer demand. Today, we look at what experiential tourism is and how travel companies can take advantage of this growing demand for exclusivity and adventure.