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Do you ever experience awkward about tipping when you’re on holiday? Do you fear that you’ll under-tip and purpose offence to your remarkable guide? Does the want to have the proper money to hand, and the wish to do the ‘right thing’, add a stage of stress that you’d simply instead avoid?

We have a easy solution. When you e book a time out with ETG, the upfront fee will now consist of a tip to be break up pretty between your publications earlier than you travel. This way, you can relax; it’s some other aspect taken care of, and eliminates the anxiety of determining who and how plenty to tip. It additionally paves the way for exchanges that are reciprocal, no longer transactional, which means you can create deeper connections with your guides.

We additionally desired to do proper by means of our incredible guides, for whom recommendations are an essential supply of revenue. With a truthful tip included, they can focal point on doing their job barring uncertainty putting over the day or even the entire trip. Travelling the ‘ETG’ way must be a amazing ride for everyone.